LjG Graphics was founded by me, Liam John Green - LjG being my initials. I started offering my graphic design services to local business (South Liverpool area) in November 2019, working with Makeup Artists, Convenience Stores/ Off-Licences, Window Cleaners, Construction/ Building Firms and many more.

In January 2020 I decided it was time to offer my Logo, Web and Brand Design services nationally to businesses, new and established, throughout the UK. Since then I have worked with over 25 new clients (majority of which are start-up businesses) helping them create and perfect their ideas and bring them into reality.

Initially offering my services through Bark.com I have now decided to move my services onto my own website, showcasing my work and providing my clients with a clean, easy to use platform where they can access my contact information and submit their own design requests and request a call back. 



Recent Projects

Below are a few examples of projects that I have recently completed for clients across the UK.

Their Website and Social Links can be found below each related project, feel free to check them out!


Louisa The Vet is a UK based Veterinary Surgeon, inspiring, encouraging and supporting Vets and Vet Students across the country. Ran by Dr Louisa Graham, Louisa The Vet and I worked on a program called 'Your Vet Coach' which teaches and mentors Vets and Vet Students in their daily work. Deciding to make this available to her students via her website, the first step we took was to update the current website in order to incorporate a shop, to sell the program. When the website, online store and program were all completed, the website was published and 'Your Vet Coach' program was ready for customers to purchase. Since the program has been made available to customers, 'Your Vet Coach' has been purchased from customers across the world and, most notably, numerous times by students in Australia. Louisa continues to keep her 26,000+ followers on Instagram informed about speaking events that are being held, how followers can interact with her on her online blog and forum and any important updates on the 'Your Vet Coach' program. 

To learn more about Louisa's work and the 'Your Vet Coach' program, visit her WebsiteFacebook & Instagram.



Routed Stillness is a meditation company specialising in Spiritual Life Coaching and Crystal Healing, based in Wokingham, UK. The company was founded and is currently ran by Aida Oliveira who has adapted to the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic by bringing her 'Tailored 1:1 Meditation Sessions' to her clients, via video technology. When I was first in contact with Aida, Routed Stillness was a new, aspiring meditation business. Required was a Logo and other marketing materials such as business card, letterhead and compliment slip designs. The logo was created and was soon followed by the design of the marketing materials. Routed Stillness remains an Online and Instagram based service and will soon look to expand it's offerings.

To learn more about Routed Stillness and their current offerings, visit their Website & Instagram.



Bar TRU:VAI is a Cafe/ Bar situated in the beautiful North Yorkshire town of Stokesley. Serving everything from Coffee to Cocktails and those tasty little treats you can't go without. I was approached by Bar TRU:VAI who were in need of an updated website as well as the company wanting to introduce a store to the site, to sell their Wines online. Bar TRU:VAI now have a platform in which they can serve their wines to customers up and down the country and will soon look to expand this range offering Gin, Vodka and Rum as well as their already impressive selection of Wines

To learn more about Bar TRU:VAI and their Online Store, visit their WebsiteFacebook & Instagram.



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