Privacy Policy

The following sets out LjG Graphics' Privacy Policy, how we use your personal information and how we collect data. LjG Graphics retains the right to remove parts of this privacy policy or add/ amend it at any time, without notice and customers are reminded that it is their responsibility to check this policy from time to time.

Personal Information that we collect

By using once of our automatic contact options for example; live chat, contact or get a quote options we ask for your personal information. The information that we collect may include (but not limited to): Name, Company, Address, Phone Number and Email Address.

Why do we collect this personal information?

In order to give you a detailed response to queries, questions and quotation requests we must retain some of your personal information in order to do this. We may include your name that you provided in our response and may enter your email address into another server so that we can confirm it is real. 

How do we use it?

By submitting any personal information into this site you agree that we may use it in any of the following ways: To promote new products/ services, sharing our monthly newsletter via email, to contact you back when you have asked us a question or requested a quotations for products/ services, to print out your information onto a delivery note and/ or invoice for printing services or for physical delivery of products/ printing services, to pass onto our third-party printing couriers, to pass onto our website host (if and when required).

Sharing your personal information

Sometimes we may have to share your personal information that you submit to us to our third-party couriers if you require printing services and/ or your order require physical delivery. Other areas in which we may sometimes have to share your personal information is to our postal couriers (if and when required, for delivery purposes). We will not share your information to anyone or any business who fall outside of the two mentioned above, ever.

Retaining your personal information

When you place an order either through this website or through any other means of custom we will hold your data in our records for a maximum of 2 years, unless you ask us to delete it permanently or partially.

Links to other sites

This website does contain links to other websites and customers are reminded that it is out of our control and is no longer our responsibility to act accordingly within the bounds of our privacy policy when these links are clicked, copied and/ or pasted into search engines and customers are further reminded that it is always a good idea to check the sites own privacy policy first, before entering and using the rest of that site.