Whether you're a start up business who are looking to get off the starting blocks and build a foundation for your business to grow on, or you're an established business that are well known in your community but need that little marketing boost, my logo, website or brand design services are here for all businesses to benefit from.

Below is an example of my favourite pieces of design work that I have recently completed for clients from different business backgrounds to give you a sense of the high standard of work that LjG Graphics are capable of. Click the 'get a quote' button next to the description of work you require, fill out the quote form and I will get in touch with you on the contact details provided to give more information about the work that you need completing.

Logo Design


A logo could be the making or failure of your business or brand. It is crucial, especially for new businesses to make the right impression and having a logo that represents you and your brand is the first step to this. For established businesses an updated logo could give you the edge over your competitor's, having an up to date, perfectly crafted logo is how a customer recognises and remembers your brand so, leaving a long lasting (good) impression is vital.

Website Design


A website can act as your online shopfront, it's a way of inviting and welcoming new and existing customers into your business and allows you to provide endless amounts of information, images, buttons, links and more for your customers to learn more about your business and the services you provide. Nowadays, every business needs to have a website that is clean, ad-free and easy to use to stand a chance of making it big in the business world. Customers expect a business they deem as "professional" to have the above, as a minimum. so, whether you're running an online store, or a social media sensation, a website could make all the difference to how much and how well your business succeeds.

Brand Design


Alongside a perfect logo and easy to use website, Branding and Marketing are just as crucial to your business as anything else. Every single business, no matter the industry, can use branding and marketing to their advantage, using it as a way of symbolising how superior and professional they are when compared with their competitor's. Work with LjG Graphics and myself and let me show you how we can identify your brand and how it can be used to market your business in the increasingly competitive markets.   

Get A Quote

To get a quote, please fill in the form below. Once I receive a quote request I will get back in touch with you, to discuss the design in further detail, using the contact details that you provide so, please ensure your details are correct and up to date.


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LjG Graphics is a logo, website and brand designer, providing their services to new and established businesses throughout the UK.


Based in Liverpool founded in 2019 by Liam Green.

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