Terms of Service

These terms of service set out the contract terms and acts as the contract creation policy in which LjG Graphics and the client should abide by and refer to before, during and anytime after any design work is started. By entering a contract and/ or verbal or written agreement, whether it be for logo, website, brand or a combination of these and/ or any other design or printing service, you agree to abide by the following terms of service set out by LjG Graphics.

For clarification; Within the bounds of these terms the words "terms of service", "terms", "terms and conditions", "terms of contract" or "Ts&Cs" refer to the following policies above and below this statement. The words "me" or "I" refer to Liam Green (founder) only. The words "we", "us", "our" refer to LjG Graphics. The words "you" or "client" refer to the customer who requests and/ or advances with services provided by LjG Graphics.

LjG Graphics retains and holds the right to amend, change and/ or update these terms at anytime, without notice. The client is responsible for viewing these terms on a regular basis (recommended). The date and time in which these terms were last updated is displayed at the bottom of page.

Design Services; Contract Creation

The following sets out the contract that is formed between us and the client, before work begins. It is within the clients best interest to view and agree to this terms before work begins.

After the client has requested information about the design work and when work begins, a design contract shall be formed and the client will be informed that the design contract has been created and it is within their best interest to request and view this document at anytime after it has been created. The design contract sets out the policy/ polices related to the work that they have requested and may provide more information to the client regarding the design work. Each client that LjG Graphics begins design and/ or print work for is entitled to view their design contract with us at anytime, during or one year after work has been completed (sometimes later if extraordinary legal cases arise). If the client wishes to view their contract they are asked to contact us via email or phone.

If, at any stage, the client requests to see their contract this will be sent via post only and therefore the client should provide their contact details and delivery address and postcode, in line and in agreement of our privacy policy. The contract cannot and will not be shared via email or any other electronic means, due to sensitive information likely to be included and for other security reasons.

These terms are of secondary importance to those terms listed on the design contract and customers are reminded that they should refer to their design contract for the most specific information.

Design Services; Quotation Stage

By requesting a quotation from anywhere on our site you agree to abide by the following information and processes. This same policy applies to those customers who request a quotation by any other means (outside of this website) for example (but not limited to); by phone or email, in which case these terms still apply.

To request a call back, or to be contacted by LjG Graphics regarding a quotation for the work that you briefly give a description of you should use either our contact or 'get a quote' form options, available within the bounds of this website. We will respond to every query or quotation request within 24 hours, depending on which set of contact details you provide us with, via phone or email. In the message, we will provide you with more information about the service(s) that you requested within the quotation form and also included will be an ESTIMATE of price for the scope of the work. Customers are reminded that although we will try our best to give an exact or close to figure for the pricing of work, some potential factors that occur during the work, for example (but not limited to); more logo concept designs requested by the client that exceeds that of what is within the package description, may be a factor in which the final price increases of that of which was quoted. For logo and brand design services (without printing) the final price will not exceed more than £50.00 of that which was quoted. For website designs the final price will not exceed more than £200.00 of that which was quoted. For combined services i.e Logo Design & Website Design (without printing) the final price will not exceed £250.00 of that which was quoted.

Design Services; Process

Upon completion of the quotation stage and after all relevant information has been collected, the design process will begin. The following terms also indicate how and when the customer should pay for the design services and other important information regarding the design process.

LjG Graphics will be in contact with you to arrange a date that your design work will begin. This will also include a proposed date in which the design work may be completed by, however may differ slightly upon completion of the design. When work begins, all information that has been passed to us up to that point will be implemented into the work as much as possible. The maximum number of revisions that one project can have and the number of concept designs that are available to view are included in each individual project contract.


All projects come with unlimited contact with the designer and 5 years aftercare support meaning we will support you with your related project for 5 years after the final payment date. Specifically for Logo Designs only, all designs will come in an editable .AI format as well as .JPEG, .PNG, .PDF and .EPS file formats as well as any other possible file formats that the customer requests at before the final files have been delivered.


Design Services; Delivery

The estimated delivery date that your order is projected to be completed by will be displayed on the first page of your design contract. Note that the date listed on the contract is an estimate and that it is recommended that customers take note of this as many factors that occur within the working time of the design can increase the actual delivery date, for example (but not limited to); extra revisions being request by the client or delayed message response times from the client.

Design Services; Payment

For services that the total order cost is £20.00 or less do not require a deposit. However, for all services that the total order cost is £20.01 or more do require a 50% non-refundable deposit before any design work is to begin. I.e if the total order cost of the design service(s) is £100.00 a non-refundable £50.00 deposit will be required before any design work begins.

For designs that require printing services or for printing services only, in addition to the 50% non-refundable deposit the full cost of printing services is also required and is also non-refundable (if the order has already been placed with our printing couriers).

Payment can be made through PayPal or Bank Transfer and can be a mixture of these. The decision is left to the client as to with payment method is used.

When the client is ready to make a payment an invoice will be sent directly to their email address registered either online or through other means of communication, i.e from previous text messages or phone calls, in line with our privacy policy. For all printing services, as well as an emailed invoice a delivery note will also be attached or inside the package upon delivery and can usually be found within the 'documents enclosed' wallet found on the top of the parcel.

For more specific information regarding payment, please refer to your design contract or contact us for more information.

Design Services; Returns and Refunds

Returns will only be accepted and refunds will only be issues in exceptional circumstances, see the list below for exemptions:

  • Refunds do not apply if we do not hear back from you for more than 14 days after payment.

  • Refunds do not apply if you have approved a design.

  • Refunds do not apply for printing services where the order has already been placed with our printing couriers.

  • Refunds do not apply if the company we are working on a service for closes, changes their name, or their activity.

  • Refunds do not apply for website designs that we cannot demolish our work from the platform.

LjG Graphics retains the right to be paid for the work we have completed and also for any lost time that occurs from time-wasters in every instance. It is very rare that we issue refunds and customers are advised to act accordingly to these terms of service if they do wish to request a refund.

For printing services or other physical products that are delivered to you, you will find the return address label on the delivery note that is attached to your order, found in either the package upon delivery and can usually be found within the 'documents enclosed' wallet found on the top of the parcel. 

For more specific information regarding our returns and refunds policy, please refer to your design contract or contact us for more information.

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